A moving service, full or self-service moving van line or relocation company is a commercial or private organization that assists individuals and companies move their belongings from one location to another. It provides all-inclusive services like loading, packing, moving, unloading, setting up of things to be moved and unpacking. However, it is important to hire a professional service provider that has experience in handling various relocation processes. Relocation companies and professional full-service movers offer different kinds of relocation services to suit various situations. Moving services are designed to minimize the potential impact on a client’s property and belongings. Full service movers provide professional full-service moving solutions with a wide range of options including domestic, international, domestic/intra interstate and local moves.

Many people prefer full-service moving service to help them move to a new home or business location. With a full-service moving service, clients get to enjoy the advantages of expert loaders, packers, movers and other moving assistants that take care of all the aspects of the moving process. These include loading and unloading the items, ensuring safety of goods while inside the truck, loading and unloading at the new location and ensuring the proper protection of goods during transport. Other services that may be offered by full-service moving companies include arranging of temporary storage facility at the new location, rearranging and packing of goods, setting up of garage and secure storage area at the new location. Full-service moving companies may also provide home inspection and pest certification services.

Moving companies offer several options for moving clients. The most popular options available include storing the belongings until the client arrives, hiring a truck rental service to pick-up the belongings, packing and moving them on the client’s behalf. The other options available are renting compactors for transporting the items or having the clients themselves drive the vehicle. Portable moving service providers offer different options for clients who need to move on short distances.

Compactors are one way of relocating belongings long distances. These compactors are available at local moving service companies at competitive rates and are a preferred method of transporting goods over short distances. They are designed with rollers that enable them to roll the containers from one place to the other. A local move is when the client moves his possessions across the town, region or country, rather than across the world.

Charges for hiring a mover depend upon the distance of the relocation. However, they generally do not impose high charges on short-distance moves. The charges also depend on the type of service provided. Some movers charge extra for the use of overhead lights, audio and video accessories, and additional services. Local movers are more affordable as they take care of everything and only provide the basic moving services.

There are a number of portable storage containers or moving trucks available in the market that can be used for long distance moves. These trucks have enough space to pack various items and come back to the destination. The moving service company will load the portable storage container at the destination and then remove it at the new location. It is not compulsory that the portable storage containers must be transported on the back of a truck. Movers also provide loading and unloading services at the destination.

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